Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Songs Sonnets and Stolen Lines - 2014

Songs Sonnets and Stolen Lines is an exhibition of paintings and kite drawings by artist Teresa Getty.  The works were curated by Chris McGinnis for a solo exhibition of the artists work at Kipp Gallery in 2014.  Getty’s work is inspired by literary memories from her childhood, including rhymes, song lines, and poems. During her creative process, Getty scribbles notes and reminders that form a visually lyrical movement throughout the work. This movement is likewise extended into the entire installation composed of roughly 25 paintings on panel and stretched paper that range in size from six inches to 5 feet in size. Getty considers her work to be “process-driven” documents that are “rooted in contemplating the commensal relationship between man and machine.” She experiences this relationship first-hand having a daughter whose life is dependent upon a machine.

Teresa Getty's website

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